Wassla Digital Agency

We help small and medium enterprises to reach their customers, through our distinguished services in e-marketing.


Identity Design

It reflects the values and objectives of the commercial enterprise as a whole, through consistency with the core idea and everything that constitutes the company and motivates it to carry out its roles, such as logo and colors, and with which an institution can be distinguished from others.

Website Design

We guarantee you the elegant and attractive design of your site, which increases interaction with customers, and earns the customer confidence in those who deal with him, and we, in turn, strive to provide this service and focus on the landing page, to attract the attention of your customers.

Social Media Managment

One of the most important functions in e-marketing is to create social media accounts bearing your brand name, and then develop work on them by creating a strategy that positively affects the reach of your social media accounts to a larger number of customers.

Graphic Design

Designing all that companies need from logos, publications and advertisements, whether images or videos, with a focus on their identity and principles.


Each brand has its own publications, visiting cards, introductory letters, brochures, and others, according to the institution's specialization. It provides you with a design service for publications, striving to promote your brand in the commercial market.

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